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for OSHA Services is an ideal option for individuals seeking the finest OSHA Safety Training. Whether you’re an inexperienced worker looking to improve site safety skills or a safety officer aiming to improve workplace safety and OSHA compliance, our eLearning platform has everything covered — it offers professional expertise, quality training, flexibility, and money for value.

Our goal is to empower trainees by providing them with innovative OSHA online training to maintain workplace safety by following the regulations set by OSHA and implementing best practices. Join us today by enrolling in OSHA safety courses and taking the first step towards a safer, more secure workplace. By choosing for OSHA Outreach Training, you’ll invest in a progressive future for yourself and your workplace.

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We follow a customer-centric approach with our custom-built learning management system to deliver an outstanding online training experience by allowing candidates to save their progress and complete their online training at their convenience and flexibility. By empowering workers to become competent in dealing with challenging workplace hazards and situations, organizations will comply with safety regulations and policies standardized by OSHA. Therefore, with OSHA safety training, individuals will not only keep their colleagues and companies safe from OSHA violations but will also prevent incurring heavy penalties and fines.

We strive to enable employees and employers to enforce health and safety in their industries. Thus, we work in partnership with HSI to embrace the significance of occupational health and safety across the world. Our collaborative approach will surely assist us in advocating & fostering workplace safety and create a long-lasting impact in all the industrial sectors. Our training is interactive and stimulating, which will surely eliminate everyday workplace accidents.

Our core objective is to follow a customer-centric approach to deliver outstanding OSHA safety training. We ensure that our innovative and state-of-the-art services help our candidates become OSHA experts and strengthen their industry. Our comprehensive Learning Management System allows our clients to finish their OSHA courses at their convenience and save their progress.

Why Us, You Ask?

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  • Award-Winning Platform
    EHSSchool proudly stands as an award-winning eLearning platform, reigning supreme in the sphere of workplace safety training. With years of experience in dispensing OSHA Safety Training, we’ve achieved brand recognition with our strategic customer-focused stance. Besides, we are continually extending our reach towards a diversified target audience.
  • Support Around the Clock
    Imagine having a committed customer care team at your beck and call, 24/7. That’s us! Wherever you may be, whenever you require help, we’re there to be of service. If queries and questions cloud your mind, rest assured since just sending a text will be sufficient to receive a satisfactory solution. What sets us apart from others is our unrivaled customer care service, enabling us to create safer workplaces.
  • Affordable Excellence

    OSHA Safety Training can be a complicated and costly affair, but not with us. While most online training providers offer overpriced OSHA safety training courses, ours are for a mere $99 and $49 only. Besides, buying OSHA Safety Courses in bulk unlocks incredible discounts, leading to further savings. By guaranteeing unbeatable prices, we ensure that our customers get the best value for investment.

  • Offering Buy Now, Pay Later Service

    Last but not least, incorporating the buy now, pay later service as an affordable payment option for our precious customers is the ultimate solution for flexible online purchasing. Enroll now, start your training, and pay in four equal and easily manageable installments, bidding farewell to upfront costs and hello to convenience.