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Construction sites have possible dangers and hazards, especially with the usage of chemicals, heavy machinery, electrical equipment, elevated platforms, and similar tools. OSHA safety training helps in reducing workplace hazards by instructing employees regarding safety protocols, tips to identify risk, and skills to mitigate accidents and injuries. 

The guidelines provided by OSHA training go a long way in protecting workers in the construction, manufacturing, mining and demolition sectors. Workers in these industries can earn workplace safety compliance certification by completing the basic course OSHA 10-hour construction and the advanced OSHA 30-hour construction, which is generally for professionals who are in supervisory roles or want to be promoted in such positions.

Within two weeks of completion of these courses, the trainees are provided the DOL cards. Also known as the OSHA Card or Completion Card, is an official card issued by the United States Department of Labor (DOL).

Does The OSHA DOL Card Expire?

There is no expiry date for OSHA cards. This certification does not ever need to be renewed or recertified. Upon course completion, you will receive a wallet-sized card as proof of your training on safety measures. This card serves as evidence that you have adequate knowledge of the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Authority.

Does OSHA DOL Card Expires | How Long OSHA Card Lasts?

It should be noted that employers may require you to update your certificate every three to four years. They might do this to remind you of the safety procedures. However, OSHA does not mandate you to do this. Instead, some states might require employers to have their workers retrain after a specific time period.

As a trainer, you should keep the following points in mind.

1. Keep Yourself Updated

It is important for individuals to stay updated with the latest OSHA regulations and safety practices, even after obtaining the card. While the OSHA-hour card doesn’t expire, the information covered in the training may change over time. This means you might have to take new OSHA courses in some instances.  

2. Ensure To Comply With Industry Standards

Depending on the industry or your job role, you could require specialized or additional training in addition to the OSHA courses.  For instance,  the mining industry is subject to specific safety regulations and guidelines established by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) along with OSHA standards. Always confirm that you comply with safety training requirements and make sure they meet the employer or industry standards. 

3. Consider Employer Requirements Also

Some employers could have their own guidelines or standards for OSHA training. After a given amount of time, they might demand that workers take the OSHA course again or attend refresher training. These requirements may differ depending on the job.

4. State-Specific Requirements

In some cases, state-specific OSHA regulations may differ from federal OSHA requirements. Be aware of any state-specific training or renewal requirements that may apply to your location. For instance, the state of New York has the New York OSHA 10-hour construction and New York OSHA 30-hour construction training instead of the general training that’s provided everywhere else in the United State

How Long Is My OSHA Certification Valid?

As per the OSHA DOL card that is given to the students who successfully complete their training, this card is valid forever. The reason behind this is that OSHA safety training is a voluntary program. In several states, it is mandatory for  industries like construction, mining, manufacturing and demolition.

Constructing Industry

  • There is no expiration date for OSHA card in the construction industry 
  • You may receive supplementary training depending on the industry-specific hazards

General Industry

  • In the general industry OSHA card never expire
  • Must get supplementary training related to industry-specific needs

Maritime industry

  • The OSHA card used in the maritime industry is valid for 5 years only
  • Additional training is required as per the industry requirement 

What Happens If I Lose My DOL Card?

If you damage or lose your DOL card, you need to contact the authorized OSHA outreach training provider to get a replacement card. But keep in mind that the replacement card will be issued to students who have participated in the OSHA outreach training program within the past five years. Each student is eligible for one replacement card.


So does the OSHA DOL Card expire? The simple answer is no. However, the regulations and requirements may change over time. So it’s always a good idea to verify the current policies and recommendations from OSHA. You can contact our agent through the chat option for the most up-to-date information regarding certifications and training requirements. Whether you want to start your OSHA safety training or refresh your knowledge, you can always reach out to EHS School.