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Get OSHA 30-Hour Construction Online Course in $99 – DOL Card

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Master workplace safety with OSHA 30 Construction Training. Get comprehensive training for a safer construction site.
30 HRS
$159 $99

Overview of the 30-Hour OSHA Construction Training

The online OSHA 30 Construction course is an in-depth OSHA safety course designed for supervisors, managers, or anyone with site safety responsibilities in the construction sector. Since it’s an advanced course comprising a broad range of essential safety topics covering OSHA standards (29 CFR) 1926, participants better understand construction safety principles and regulations, which can be applied throughout their careers. This way, the OSHA 30 course allows individuals to promote workplace safety by equipping them with the ability to identify, control, and prevent potential hazards on construction sites and reduce accidents and injuries. After obtaining their OSHA 30 certificate and OSHA 30 card, individuals will also learn about their rights and responsibilities per the Federal OSHA guidelines and will address safety concerns effectively to avoid OSHA violations and penalties. 

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Why OSHA 30-Hour course Holds Utmost Importance?

Completing the OSHA Outreach 30-Hour Construction course is mandatory to ensure compliance with strict OSHA standards, preventing hefty fines and legal troubles in the construction sector from OSHA inspections. Since construction is a high-risk industry with most potential hazards involving falls, electrical work, and heavy machinery operating and equipment lifting, proper safety training can ensure workers avoid such hazards and reduce the risks of injuries and fatalities. Moreover, the 30 Hour Construction Outreach course also cuts workers’ compensation costs since fewer injuries and accidents mean fewer claims and reduced insurance premiums, thus contributing to the financial savings of the employer. A secure workplace improves worker productivity since they can concentrate better on job tasks without any fear and look out for their well-being and those of their colleagues. Furthermore, OSHA 30 is often considered a job requirement in certain industries since employers want professional workers committed to workplace safety, which leads to increased career opportunities for individuals. In the event of incidents, the OSHA 30 Card provides legal protection from OSHA inspections, as organizations and employers valuing site safety and investing in workers’ training enjoy a better reputation and enhanced public relations, which is appreciated and acknowledged by clients and partners in the market.

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Who Should Enroll in OSHA 30 Hour Construction Industry?

Individuals who should consider enrolling in the OSHA 30 Hour Construction Industry Outreach Course are as follows: 

  • Construction Workers
  • Site Supervisors and Construction Managers
  • Site Safety Professionals
  • Construction Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Project managers
  • Maintenance Workers
  • Government Inspectors
  • Safety Directors and Health Care Officers

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Exam Criteria for OSHA 30 Outreach Training

To qualify for the OSHA 30 training, you must achieve a minimum score of 70%. You’ll have three attempts to pass both the quizzes and the final exam. If you fail all three attempts or let your course expire, you can use the Course Reset Button once to start over. However, if you reencounter the same situation, you’ll be locked out of the online training course and must repurchase it to start your training. Once you’ve completed the 30-Hour OSHA Construction training and finished the course evaluation survey, you can print the downloadable OSHA 30-Hour Construction certificate. Moreover, within 90 days, you will receive your DOL/OSHA 30 Card via mail on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor.

OSHA 30-Hour Construction Course Outline

  • Intro to Personal Safety    
  • OSHA work-related injury and illness recordkeeping    
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls    
  • Scaffold and Crane Safety    
  • Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Best Practices    
  • Introduction to Caught In-Between Hazards    
  • Personal Protective Equipment Fundamentals    
  • Hazard Communication    
  • Silica Hazards    
  • Hearing Conservation    
  • Stairway Hazards and Mobile Ladder Safety    
  • Confined Space Entry-Permit Required    
  • Rigging and Conveyor Safety    
  • Industrial and Office Ergonomics    
  • Emergency and Fire Preparedness    
  • Forklift Fundamentals    
  • Powered Industrial Truck Safety    
  • Asbestos and Lead Hazards Awareness    
  • Formaldehyde Safety    
  • Employee Safety Orientation    
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)    
  • Workspace Cleanliness    
  • Hot work    
  • Heat and Cold Stress    
  • Earthquake Preparedness    

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Though the OSHA 30 Construction training is designed to provide comprehensive site safety training, particularly to workers with supervisory roles in the construction sector, it can also be beneficial for someone who visits construction sites often since you can understand the potential hazards on construction sites.

Yes, participants will get a free study guide, which covers a brief overview of the course outline according to OSHA regulations to provide a deep understanding of the objectives covered in the OSHA 30 training.

After each learning module, participants are required to pass quizzes for which three attempts are given. The final exam will be taken at the end of the training, which also includes three attempts to pass the OSHA 30 Construction course.